1. 4 More Useful Questions to Finding the Best Virginia Beach Moving Companies Part 2

    Is Your Virginia Beach moving company proper licensed? There are hundreds of moving companies in Virginia Beach alone.  However, not all of them operate properly as businesses. When choosing the best Virginia Beach moving company for your household, you need to be aware of the multiple moving scams and rogue movers that exist.  One step you can take in order to avoid these pitfalls are to make s…Read More

  2. 4 Useful Questions to Finding the Best Virginia Beach Moving Companies Part 1

    Do they perform the moving services you need? Moving is a very general term that encompasses many different services that actually are part of the moving industry.  When starting your search for the best Virginia Beach moving companies, make sure you are able to identify if their moving services offered match the services needed on your end.  For example, many relocations require going beyond st…Read More

  3. Finding the Best Virginia Beach Long Distance Moving Company Part 2

    Insure Properly The longer the distance traveled, the bigger the risks of damages. The number one priority when planning a long distance move from Virginia Beach is to take all the necessary precautions to ensure your belongings make it to their destination safely. The first step to that is to make sure the company you choose has all the proper insurances. Under Federal Law, every company has basi…Read More

  4. Finding the Best Virginia Beach Long Distance Moving Company Part 1

    Go Local When looking for the best long distance movers in Virginia, it is best to try to find a reputable local moving company to facilitate your move. When you deal with a local mover you are able to not only have the ability to be in constant communication with the company, you will very often be able to speak directly with the owner. This allows for a much more hands on experience that will pr…Read More

  5. The Best Moving Hacks- Long Distance Edition(Part 2)

    If you’re only half looking forward to a long distance move, we understand why. While there’s the possibility of starting a whole new life, meeting all new people, and finding all new spots around town to hang out, there’s also the daunting prospect of picking up an entire life you’ve built and lugging across states, rivers and forests to get to this new place where you get to start this n…Read More

  6. The Best Moving Hacks- Long Distance Edition

    Long distance moving is possibly one of the most daunting 21st-century tasks. While it’s certainly not equivalent to leaving Germany with a chest full of heirlooms and a tenacious spirit, it’s equally full of the unknown. Maybe you’re moving for your new job, maybe you’re relocating to be closer to elderly family, whatever the reason, it has to be done. So how do you get from point A ( a h…Read More

  7. The Best Moving Hacks

    If moving companies are around for any reason other making your move less stressful, it’s for telling you the best moving hacks that they can’t execute for you. We can use our expertise to the fullest, but if you arrive at your new place and there’s “debris” on the toilet seat because you didn’t realize you’d have to clean that first before moving in, there’s not much we can do. Th…Read More

  8. Moving Without Bugs

    Since Virginia is firmly rooted in the South, there are plenty of critters that make their way into our homes and linger. Unfortunately, that often means you’ll have to invest in regular exterminators and a whole slew of bug spray when you live in certain areas. But the lovely South can never be replaced so we endure it until we’re planning to move to a new area. Pests are the kind of thing th…Read More

  9. Moving Tips to Avoid Injuries- Part 2

    If you’re getting ready for a move, it’s important to stay safe. So many bad things can happen that might seem totally unexpected, but with the proper preparation could be easily avoided. To keep you safe for your next move, we believe it’s important to arm you with a whole slew of tips and tricks on how to navigate each house and make sure that there are no obvious safety hazards that will …Read More

  10. Moving Tips to Avoid Injuries

    As a Top Rated Local® moving company, Scott’s Oceana Moving understands that people aren’t always able to afford our packing and assembly services. Which means you’ll have to tug quite a bit of your own items including furniture as well as knick-knacks onto the ground floor so that they can be transported into the moving truck. When it comes to moving, there’s always the chance that you…Read More