1. Average Moving Costs

    The vast majority of moves that take place in Virginia Beach are local.  When you are starting to budget and plan out your move, it is best to understand all the factors that affect the cost of your move.  Most Virginia Beach moving companies operate at an hourly rate for local moves with legitimate companies charging anywhere from $35-$45/hr per mover.  However, labor costs are not the only fa…Read More

  2. Finding a Proper Commercial Mover in Norfolk and Virginia Beach

    Moving companies in Norfolk and Virginia Beach are a dime a dozen. However, finding a commercial mover in Norfolk or Virginia Beach may be a bit more difficult.  Not only are there less companies that offer these services, but also not all commercial moving companies operate the same. When choosing a company that offers commercial moving services in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, be sure to form a pr…Read More

  3. Choosing the Correct Virginia Beach Moving Services

    There is a multitude of Virginia Beach moving companies that service the Hampton Roads Area and beyond, and there are a variety of services that each company offers to help assist with your move.  When you’re in the beginning stages of researching and understanding your moving needs, it is important to know what type of services each Virginia Beach moving company offers. Residential vs Commerci…Read More

  4. Getting Prepared for Your Virginia Beach Moving Company

    Packing can be time-consuming!  Stay ahead of the game by starting your packing early.  This will allow you to properly protect all items, label correctly, organize/consolidate boxes, and give you a much better understanding of how much stuff you have.  If you need any direction on where to obtain affordable packing supplies, rely on your trusted Virginia Beach moving company for advice. Label …Read More

  5. The Different Stages of a Quality Move

    Every move has its own stages — or at least, it should if it's going to be a thorough and efficient move. Learn how the process works with Scott's Oceana Moving, and contact us for the best in Virginia Beach moving services! Receiving an Estimate/Quote The first step to planning out and executing a quality move is to know the budget you are working with and having a good understanding of how far…Read More

  6. 4 More Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

    Welcome back to our blog series on questions to ask your movers! It's important that you get the best deal possible, but it's even more important that you choose a moving company of the highest caliber. Scott's Oceana Moving can answer any and every one of these questions — feel free to use them when you contact us for a free estimate, or when you ask around! Our movers are here to help, no matt…Read More

  7. 4 Questions to Ask Your Movers

    Choosing the right moving company can be difficult. After all, you want moving services that offer unparalleled attention to detail and care. You want moving services that aren't going to break the bank. You want moving services that you can trust. Scott's Oceana Moving is the exact company for you to consider, but we recognize that you want to shop around. These are some great questions to consid…Read More

  8. Finding the Best Virginia Beach Long Distance Moving Company Part 2

    Welcome back to our blog series on long-distance moving! These kinds of moves can be pretty stressful, but with the right moving company, your home or office will be in great shape. The last thing you want is additional stress from having to pack and relocate across the country. This is a huge time of transition, and you'll feel so much better with all the support you can possibly find. Lean on ou…Read More

  9. Finding the Best Virginia Beach Long Distance Moving Company Part 1

    Go Local When looking for the best long distance movers in Virginia, it is best to try to find a reputable local moving company to facilitate your move. When you deal with a local mover you are able to not only have the ability to be in constant communication with the company, you will very often be able to speak directly with the owner. This allows for a much more hands on experience that will pr…Read More

  10. The Best Moving Hacks- Long Distance Edition(Part 2)

    If you’re only half looking forward to a long distance move, we understand why. While there’s the possibility of starting a whole new life, meeting all new people, and finding all new spots around town to hang out, there’s also the daunting prospect of picking up an entire life you’ve built and lugging across states, rivers and forests to get to this new place where you get to start this n…Read More