Scott’s Oceana Moving is the moving company you can trust when it comes to all things moving related. In the years we’ve spent moving people and businesses in the Virginia Beach area and beyond, we’ve seen practically every situation imaginable. One of the toughest moving situations we’ve seen has nothing to do with the move itself — it’s when businesses or companies are in need of moving services, but end up trying to tackle everything themselves.

However, we get why this is. Hiring movers might seem like a difficult business expense, or it might seem like you can do it on your own just fine. We’re here to tell you that it can not only be easier to work with a moving company, but it can save you time and money in the process. Take a look at our list of businesses that would benefit from commercial moving services, and contact our commercial moving company today to get started.


If your restaurant has decided to move to a new location, there are probably so many great reasons for why that is. As we’ve discussed in a previous blog, so many factors contribute to moving your business, and moving your restaurant is an exciting step in the trajectory of your success.

A restaurant of any size would benefit from our commercial moving services. The amount of items you have is insane, and extremely hard to keep track of — eating utensils, plates and other dishes, none of these even account for the food prep equipment you have. Ovens, kettles, pots, pans, dishwashers, sinks — the list goes on and on. In an ideal situation, you’d be moving to a kitchen where everything is exactly the same, but we all know how unlikely that is. Unless you have a fairy godmother magically standing by, you’re going to need to move everything over to the new location.

Luckily for you, Scott’s Oceana Moving can grant your moving wishes by providing an affordable and efficient service that makes moving easier than ever. Contact our commercial moving company for a quote today!

Hair Salons

You have a hair studio to run, and you can’t spend valuable time trying to carry over box after box of hair supplies. From the conditioner to waxing material to the hair styling appliances, there are so many little pieces that need to be brought over to the new location. Not to mention, this doesn’t include the chairs, sinks, shelves, and everything else you have. The likelihood of selling everything and getting your money’s worth is pretty slim, making it much more lucrative to move all of your salon’s belongings over. You could either lose money from having to buy new beauty supplies, or you could invest in commercial moving services to help. Let Scott’s Oceana Moving help your hair salon get set up in the new location!

Clothing Stores

Here in Virginia Beach, we have our fair share of tourist attractions and shops, including plenty of t-shirt stores and other boutiques. The idea of packing every single piece of merchandise up can seem overwhelming, to say the least. One of the best things you could do is to instead work with our packing and unpacking services — through our moving company, the time it takes you to get relocated will be significantly less than if you try to tackle everything yourself.

Not to mention, moving is a stressful, unenjoyable process. The thought alone of having to take care of this entire process is time-consuming, and with your business, you simply can’t afford to spend time on trying to manage your business and a move at the same time. Work with our commercial moving company instead.

Gift Shops

Whether you’re selling shells by the seashore or just some fun seaside holiday ornaments and other trinkets, you already know that the number of collectibles you own is pretty huge. Not to mention, you likely have tons of objects that are fragile, and won’t exactly fare well if you try moving things on your own. One box of crushed snow globes might not seem like a lot, but losing merchandise is entirely detrimental to your company, and it can’t be passed off as an “oh well” type of situation.

Instead of missing materials or experiencing the breaking of your store’s valuables, those funds could be reappropriated to our commercial moving services. We are expert movers and packers when it comes to handling your materials, promising extreme care and caution with any fragile items. Look into our packing and unpacking services today!

Furniture Stores

We’re guessing you might have started out smaller, but now see the demands of your business continuing to grow. When this is the case, you should know more than anyone that a professional moving company is going to be necessary in helping out. At Scott’s Oceana Moving, we have the transportation moving services you need, as well as furniture disassembly and assembly options to make everything go even smoother. They say that many hands make light work, and when you have the massive items to transport to a new location, you’ll need as many hands as you can get. Scott’s is a commercial moving company that can make moving extraordinarily easier.

Music Stores

We’ve all seen some kind of cartoon clip that involves a grand piano crashing down from the top of a skyscraper. Fortunately, Scott’s Oceana Moving knows exactly how to avoid that situation, which is where we can make all the difference in helping you relocate your music store. This is a scenario where you have tons of heavy instruments and equipment, and there’s simply no way you can efficiently and effectively move guitars and baby grands to a new spot. Trust the moving company of choice in Virginia Beach — we’ve got you covered.

Office/Corporate Businesses

Whether you’re selling paper in an average office building or helping people with their taxes throughout the year, we hope you get to a point where you need to hire more people to take on an influx of business. Once your need for additional staff increases, the likelihood of needing additional space is practically imminent. Make everything easier by working with our commercial moving services to get to your brand new space. With those massive filing cabinets, computer systems, printers, and so much more, you could avoid having to lift and move heavy equipment, and instead get to carry on with business as usual.

Any Business!

Truth be told, our moving company can make a difference in your move, no matter the commercial (or residential) needs, no matter how near or far. We would be honored to provide you with the commercial moving services that will make your job easier. The size of your business or the type of business is important, but ultimately, our moving company will making moving easier for you, which is the kind of service you deserve.

You have so much on your plate already, your responsibilities are already filling up so much of your time, the last thing you need is to devote hours upon hours to getting ready for a move. The commercial moving services at Scott’s Oceana Moving are exactly what you’re looking for in order to make the upcoming move effortless. Contact our team for the best in moving services in Virginia Beach today — we promise to bring the professionalism, care, and expediency your business deserves.