You got a new job offer, or you’re going to grad school. You’re tired of doing the long-distance thing with your significant other. You don’t like where you’re currently living. You want to be closer to your work. You’re ready for something new. No matter what the reason, a move is in your future.

Whenever you are on the precipice of a move, one of the biggest things to consider is in regards to hiring moving services. Professional movers are undoubtedly an incredibly helpful service, for a wide variety of situations. Take a look at some moving scenarios that would most benefit from hiring moving services, and call Scott’s Ocean Moving today!

You’re moving long distance.

This is perhaps one of the greatest reasons to look into hiring a moving service. Moving across the country, or even across a state or two, is a hefty process. Having to drive a significant distance is pretty taxing, you have to be attentive as it is from a driving perspective, but then having to worry about your belongings as well. Not to mention, driving a long distance when your Corolla is filled to the brim with stuff is not only less than ideal, but it’s unsafe as well.

Hire a moving service like Scott’s Ocean Moving to make the trip a trip, not a worry. By hiring moving professionals to look after your things and take care of transportation, your schedule and responsibilities will free up immensely. Maybe you and your family could take a road trip, or maybe you can fly out to visit a friend before settling down. Either way, imagine how wonderful it is to show up at your new place with your things already there. Don’t worry about the table in the bed of your truck flying out on the highway — call a moving service to handle it all.

You’re crunched for time.

Normally we think of moves as being more planned out, taking more time, and having at least a few weeks to get everything in order. However, this is not always the case. Many of us know someone, and it might even be ourselves, who have had to drop everything and move with very little notice. Some jobs require very quick start times from when they notify you of an offer and when they need you to report. This is especially true if a position absolutely needs someone to start by a certain date. Schools, for example, might have something happen with a current teacher or employee, and require a replacement before the first day of school. People serving in the military also know how quickly they may need to end up moving — living situations could change at practically a moment’s notice.

Finding out about a limited amount of time to make a move happen can bring on the panic, and with good reason. Moving is no easy feat, and trying to accomplish it all on short notice is incredibly difficult. Scott’s Ocean Moving understands how challenging this can be, which is why we work with you to make sure your moving needs are met, whatever the case may be. We are proud to offer 24/7 moving services, and promise to do our best to accommodate moves that need to happen after hours.

Your physical capabilities are limited.

You might be a marathon runner, in the best shape of your life, and still unable to lift your queen-sized mattress. You could be recovering from an illness, injury, or procedure, and need to limit any and all physical labor. If your physical abilities are unable to meet the demands of a move, that is totally normal! Very few of us can carry heavy, wooden armoires up two flights of stairs — there is no shame in that.

Moving is a very physically demanding process. Not only do you have to move things while packing, you have to move heavy boxes to the car or truck, and then you have to move everything again once you get there. Anyone who has a limited range of mobility, be it temporary or permanent, should know that this is not the time to test the limits. It can be easy to have a sprained wrist and think “I’ve never struggled with lifting in the past, I should be fine.” That makes it just as easy to cause further injury.

Don’t play with fire when it comes to your physical capacity. Work with moving professionals to take care of all the work that your move can bring. At Scott’s Oceana Moving, we offer packing and unpacking services, transportation, loading and unloading, and even furniture assembly and disassembly. We do it all when it comes to moving, call us today!

You hate moving.

For some of us, moving is a tedious event that is merely a part of life, and for others, it’s a source of loathing and hatred. Packing all those boxes, cleaning everything out, unpacking all those boxes — it’s usually a sweaty, tiresome, and overall a dismal experience.

And in the event you thought your hatred for the moving process was unfounded, studies show that moving is actually pretty tough on a person. As Health Status reports, moving is one of the top five stressful situations that a person can endure, other things on the list include death of a loved one, divorce, and major illness. It’s totally fine to hate moving, especially since it is considered a top stressor in life!

If moving is simply not your jam, call up Scott’s Oceana Moving in Virginia to get your moving needs met. We can do everything from packing to unpacking and more, and if you so choose, practically handle your entire move for you. Take away the stress and dread of moving, work with a professional moving company!

The move will be especially arduous.

While this might not necessarily be the case for those moving within the great state of Virginia, a longer distance move is a prime example of why you should hire a moving service. For example, packing up everything and taking it your new digs on the other side of some mountains would be a time when you will want to work with professional movers. Moving during certain seasons also shows potential for a dangerous situation. Winter, of course, is a time when severe conditions can negatively influence your move, but summer could also make for a difficult move. If a person were to take part in a long-distance move to the desert, temperatures grow exceedingly dangerous and can even be deadly.

Find a moving service that offers long-distance moving, and is also well-equipped and highly skilled at moving, even when times are tough.

You have a lot of stuff.

It’s one thing to be moving from a dorm room to another dorm room, but many who move own a considerable amount of stuff. Instead of selling your beautiful bed and that mattress you saved up for, instead of leaving your hand-crafted wooden table on the side of the road, hire professional movers! Some might argue that it’s more cost-effective to sell your stuff, but this is not always the case. You will have to buy new furniture and decorations anyways, and besides that, some belongings are truly priceless. The cost for working with a moving service is a one-time thing; the things that are of greatest value to you are timeless.

Whether moving within Virginia, out of state, or down the street, Scott’s Oceana Moving is the moving service you need to call. We have been serving the Virginia Beach area with the utmost professionalism and care for several years. Take a look at our reviews and testimonials to see for yourself why so many choose Scott’s Oceana Moving. When you make your move easier, you make your life easier. Contact us today for a free quote! Don’t forget, we also offer long-distance moving services!