There is a multitude of Virginia Beach moving companies that service the Hampton Roads Area and beyond, and there are a variety of services that each company offers to help assist with your move. When you’re in the beginning stages of researching and understanding your moving needs, it is important to know what type of services each Virginia Beach moving company offers. Here at Scott’s Oceana Moving, we offer it all!

Residential vs Commercial

When choosing the best company that offers the moving services in Virginia Beach you seek, it is important to know that different moving companies specialize in different aspects of moving. The biggest distinction you need to be aware of when starting your research is to know if the moving companies move home or businesses. Typically, most Virginia Beach moving companies do indeed offer home or residential moves. However, not all are commercial movers in Virginia Beach. If you need to relocate your business, be sure to find a commercial moving company in Virginia Beach that offers commercial moving services.

Local vs Long Distance

This distinction of services is key when choosing the appropriate between the appropriate Virginia Beach moving service from a trusted company. While many Virginia Beach moving companies offer both services, some companies may specialize in one or the other. Often when you choose a company that isn’t properly equipped for a long distance move from Virginia Beach, you expose your furniture to a higher risk of damages. Local moves within Virginia Beach tend to be a lot more simplistic in nature than long distance moves from Virginia Beach.

Full Service vs Partial Service

Depending on how experienced a mover you may consider yourself, you may feel inclined to take charge over certain aspects of your move. While it is always strongly encouraged to utilize the full-service packages offered by Virginia beach moving companies, there are strategic ways to save money on your move by handling certain parts yourself. Often these parts may include packing or renting a truck. However, it is always strongly encouraged to hire professionals for the loading and unloading aspects of your move. This is especially important when dealing with bulky, heavy furniture items. There are a ton of Virginia Beach moving services being offered by moving companies in Virginia Beach. Make sure you are confident in choosing the services most helpful to your move.

Specialty Item Moves

Not all houses are built the same, and not all furniture is moved the same. When planning your Virginia Beach move, be sure to note any specialty items you may have in your home that might require a bit of extra attention. Often times these items might include a piano, gun safe, or even a pool table. Not all moving companies in Virginia Beach are equipped to handle these items safely and appropriately. When seeking out the best Virginia Beach moving company to handle your move, ensure that they offer all the services needed to relocate your entire home.

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