Moving companies in Norfolk and Virginia Beach are a dime a dozen. However, finding a trustworthy commercial mover in the area may be a bit more difficult.  Not only are there less companies that offer these services, but also not all commercial moving companies operate the same. When choosing a company that offers commercial moving services in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, be sure to form a proper checklist for their services. Make sure your movers meet all of the following standards.

Proper Equipment

Commercial Moves require commercial equipment. Oversized filing cabinets and office desk differ from beds and dress found in typical residential moves. Make sure your commercial moving company in Norfolk and Virginia Beach comes equipped with all the necessities to safely and efficiently move your business or office.  Proper commercial equipment leads to proper commercial moving services. Between box dollies, furniture dollies, appliance dollies, wrap, straps, and much more, there are a lot of tools that can help facilitate a move. Make sure your commercial mover in Virginia Beach and Norfolk comes equipped with the best.

Proper Insurance

Proper coverage helps to ensure that the value of all items being moved will remain the same at your new location. Beyond that, a properly insured commercial moving company in Norfolk and Virginia Beach grants peace of mind in an incredibly stressful time. It takes a lot of planning, effort, and patience to execute a move smoothly. Be sure in your planning efforts to remember to ask about coverages and insurances for the move.  Commercial moving services provided by a commercial moving company in Virginia Beach or Norfolk should not qualify to move your business if they are not properly insured.

Proper History

Experience breeds excellence.  You do not want a first-time commercial mover to handle your office move.  Make sure the commercial moving company you choose has the proven track record of not only handling offices moves but office moves of your company’s size. Commercial moving services offered in Virginia Beach and Norfolk vary from the size of offices and types of businesses serviced.  A company’s history is the best indicator of the result in the present (see how Scott’s Oceana Moving history compares!).  If your commercial mover in Norfolk or Virginia Beach cannot speak to their experience in similar style moves, then that is not the commercial moving company you want to trust with your business.

Proper Pricing

Cheaper is not always better, and while all businesses operate within an expense budget, what is truly important is finding the best value for your dollars.  Experienced professionals know how to properly price out a commercial move to ensure everything will be done in a safe and efficient manner.  When trying to cut corners on price, you very often expose yourself to the risk of damaging furniture.  A business will invest thousands upon thousands into buying furniture.  Be sure to spend a few extra hundred in order to properly protect it.

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