Don’t you miss the days of not having to think about your back or your knees? It’s true when they say the youth is wasted on the young. Moving is a strenuous activity for anyone, but it’s worse when your back, knees, or other joints are already suffering. Heavy lifting can take a toll on anyone, but if you experience joint pain, it can put you at risk for further injury.

At Scott’s Oceana Moving, we train all of our moving specialists on how to safely move heavy furniture. We’re sharing some tips in today’s blog to help keep you safe for your next move. Of course, the safest option is to rely on our moving company in Virginia Beach! Find a list of our comprehensive moving services on our page, and call us for quotes on your next residential, commercial, local, and long-distance move!

Know Your Limitations

There are proper lifting precautions that every person can and should take when moving heavy items. However, you should know your limitations — and abide by them — before you start lifting.

If you have knee problems, you might want to look into wearing a knee brace during the process. Back pain? Back braces, as well as proper lifting technique can make a difference. If you see a doctor for your pain, listen to (or ask) for their recommendations. Sometimes people can’t lift over a certain weight, particularly following a surgical procedure or injury.

It might seem obvious to give the advice of knowing your limitations, but this tricky little thing called “pride” gets in the way of people listening to their bodies. We’ve all pushed ourselves when not at 100 percent health, such as going to work with a nasty cold or dancing the night away when we really needed eight hours of sleep. You might want to prove to yourself and others that you’re capable, but your body can only do so much — in fact, injuries are how our bodies tell us that we need to slow things down.

Before you even pick up a box, know your limits, and don’t try to push them. Setting boundaries is one of the healthiest ways that you can recover faster and feel better as a whole.

Have Proper Form

We’ve all heard the classic saying, “Lift with your knees, not your back!” But what if your knees can’t take that kind of strain?

The proper moving form is to keep your back straight, and to use your legs to get on the level of the box. Your gaze should be forward as you move down to the level, and your legs should help lift you back up once you firmly have the box or heavy item in hand.

If you can’t keep this form, then consider using a dolly to hoist boxes without having to bend — you’ll need someone (or a ramp) to help get them to their next location, but you can assist in transportation without having to work your knees. As always, rely on people as needed (such as our moving company) to do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Delegate Accordingly

If you can’t do the heavy stuff, you shouldn’t. But you can always find a friend, family member, or moving company like Scott’s who can tackle the heavier items while you take care of the smaller things. There are countless aspects to a move — kitchen utensils and dishes, bathroom items, knicknacks, and other smaller items take a lot of time to organize.

It won’t be hard to find stuff to do during a move. Delegating can ease a lot of the strain that your joints will otherwise go through if you try to “suck it up” and do everything yourself.

Call Our Moving Company!

What’s the easiest way for you to avoid injury, stiffness, soreness, and pain complaints for the next several days? Call Scott’s Oceana Moving! We’ve worked with countless people who are at risk for further injury during a move, or are simply not in a place to lift heavy objects in that capacity.

By working with our moving company in Virginia Beach, you never need to worry about putting yourself into strenuous situations. In fact, you can rest easy during the entire process and let our team take over. From packing to unpacking, furniture disassembly to assembling it once more, we can truly do it all. Get your free quote from Scott’s Oceana Moving today.