No matter how you slice it, moving is tough. You have to plan, pack, and prepare every minute detail and component of your possessions and life, not to mention clean the house in a way you never have before. All the factors and stress that go into moving can make it pretty miserable, but in our experience as the moving company of choice in Virginia Beach, we’ve seen some tougher-than-most moving experiences.

Let us share our knowledge and wisdom with you to help you avoid disaster — or at the very least, avoid making a tough situation even tougher. Take a look at some of the toughest moves around, and contact Scott’s Oceana Moving today to ensure an easier move! With packing and unpacking services, furniture assembly and disassembly, commercial moving services and long-distance moving help, it’s no wonder we’re a Top Rated Local® moving company. Call us today to get a free quote.

The Catastrophic Cleanups

Cleaning is one of those things that very few people love, many people tolerate, but in extreme circumstances, most people dread. While there’s a certain cathartic quality about having a neat and tidy living space, a disastrous cleaning situation could leave any of us screaming and running for the hills.

One of the worst things is to get everything packed, and realize you have hours — if not days — of cleaning ahead of you. How did you miss the coloring session your two-year-old ended up having on the carpet under the couch? Is that your armchair? Or just a huge conglomeration of dust? And what’s that fuzzy thing that seems to be moving right where the fridge used to be?

Avoid the crazy and catastrophic cleanups that come from moving by spending a little time each day doing some organizing and tidying up. This is a great habit in general, but especially when you have a move on the horizon, start making cleaning up a priority — but one that can be broken up among several days. When the big day arrives, your cleaning agenda will look smaller, and less like a checklist for a HazMat crew to complete.

The Classic Crashing Piano

The ropes are taut, the moving crew is focused, and a sudden SNAP is quickly followed by Wilhelm screams and a cacophony of keys. No one wants to see their gorgeous Steinway desecrated from a move gone wrong, but the same can be said for any furniture. When you move, you want (and kind of assume) that everything will go according to plan, and all your belongings will arrive unscathed.

The truth is, your furniture and belongings can absolutely end up tarnished in a move, whether it’s your Steinway or your great-grandmother’s sewing machine. But there’s another truth with this scenario as well — it can all be avoided when you work with a moving company that puts you and your needs first. At Scott’s Oceana Moving, we work diligently and cautiously to ensure your furniture and other things are safely transported. Plus, we even offer furniture assembly and disassembly, making it easier than ever for you to get the help you (and your belongings) need. Skip the bungee cords and the precarious-looking Prius with a wide open trunk and the hazards flashing on the highway — invest in a moving solution that doesn’t play with fire.

The New Home That’s Not Ready

You pack up and transport everything and everyone successfully. You hit the road after a reflective and somber goodbye to your old home, and are ready to start some new beginnings. The sun has just set, you’re exhausted from the trials and tribulations of the day, but you finally (and dare we say, wearily) arrive at your brand new place. You trudge up the steps with the last remainders of energy you have, grab the key from your pocket, but wait — where’s that key?

Unless you feel like sobbing out of mental and physical exhaustion on the day of your move, you want to make sure your new home has everything you need to start settling in. Make a checklist well before you leave of everything you need, then double (if not triple) check to ensure you’re ready. This might also mean checking out your new digs before you even start moving, to make sure everything at the home is also prepared. Things happen, and sometimes you just need to be flexible, but there’s a difference between preparing for the worst and not preparing at all.

In our next blog, we’ll continue with some classic situations that lead to an exceptionally tough move. But in the meantime, you can trust Scott’s Oceana of Virginia Beach is the moving company to help your moving experience go as smoothly as possible. There’s a reason people say they would choose us again and again — find out for yourself when you get a free estimate for your next big move!