In a previous blog, we talked about the signs that indicate it’s time for you to hire commercial moving services. But one of the most important questions to address is, why? Why hire commercial movers when you can just try to do everything yourself? Why work with a moving company when you can just get your employees to do it?

We’re so glad you asked! Because today’s blog is going to dive into why hiring commercial movers is the smartest decision you can make. Take a look at our blog on hiring commercial moving services, and contact the movers and packers at Scott’s Oceana Moving today to get the best moving in Virginia Beach and beyond.

You’re insanely busy.

You run a business! Your list of to-dos is neverending! Can you imagine adding “moving” onto your things that need to get done? From packing, cleaning, moving, and then unpacking and setting everything up, this is a lengthy and stressful process. Even just moving a small apartment can take hours — the bigger the space and the more things you have, the longer it will take.

As a business owner, you know that time is money, but it can also be an investment. Invest in a commercial moving company like Scott’s Oceana Moving — it won’t only save you time, but it will save you the headache and the tension that can come from the moving process. At Scott’s Oceana Moving in Virginia Beach, we can take care of it all, from packing to unpacking and everything in between. We even include furniture assembly and transportation to make moving virtually something that you’ll never have to worry about — to the point of where “moving” might not even make that list of things to do.

Your employees are insanely busy.

Alright, if you and your one coworker are in some startup business, working out of a basement, and are finally ready to upgrade to a brick and mortar location, you might be okay. But more often than not, you have several (if not dozens) of employees, all of whom are constantly working to get everything done. This is not only adding something new to their list of responsibilities, but you’re asking your employees to work outside of their job description. Asking this of employees can add tension and an overall feeling of disgruntlement to the workplace, which is not how you want to start things out in a new building.

Instead of focusing your employees’ efforts on moving, have them continue to work at growing your business — this is way more important than trying to save money by hiring commercial movers! You could be losing business while trying to get everything set up. Ultimately, your employees are there for a reason, and unless you yourself run a moving company, it’s not for carrying boxes.

You’re (probably) not a professional mover.

We don’t want to make assumptions, but we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t be here if you too were a professional mover (but we’re flattered if you are!). Corporations and businesses often have expensive equipment and technology that needs to be handled and transported in an appropriate way — we’re here to tell you that your friend’s cousin’s truck is not going to cut it.

Work with commercial moving services who have the necessary experience to get the job done. You won’t have to worry about loss of equipment or the cost of damaged goods when you’re working with a trusted commercial moving company. With Scott’s Oceana Moving at your side, your commercial moving needs will be a top priority.

Contact Scott’s Oceana Moving of Virginia Beach with any questions you may have and for a moving quote! We’d be honored to help you and your business find success with our commercial moving company.