1. It’s in your best interest to stay away from dark, heavy clothing during a summer move. Instead, choose clothes that are lightweight and comfortable.
  2. If items like paints, detergents, or pesticides need to be moved, pack them in a smaller box inside a larger box to reduce the chance of leaks.
  3. Since the summer weekends get booked very quickly, try to move on the least busy days of the week, usually mid-week and during the middle of the month. The busiest times are Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend in July.
  4. Take note of what is being put into the moving truck in hot summer months to make sure not to damage your items. For example, in a hot truck candles melt, CDs and DVDs warp, and leather furniture can sweat.
  5. Have the utilities set up in your new home. A great way to keep cooler during your summer move is to keep the air conditioning running when moving, to have a place to “cool off” for a bit between moving boxes and furniture.

Good luck with your summer moving! As always, if you need a hand moving or packing this summer, you can count on the moving crew here at Scott’s. We provide moving services throughout Virginia Beach and the surrounding area — call our moving company today for a free quote! Take note, we also offer long-distance moving services across the nation!