The vast majority of moves that take place in Virginia Beach are local. When you are starting to budget and plan out your move, it is best to understand all the factors that affect the cost of your move. Most Virginia Beach moving companies operate at an hourly rate for local moves with legitimate companies charging anywhere from $35-$45 per hour per mover. However, labor costs are not the only factor the affects the price of your Virginia Beach moving service.


Everyone knows that time is money, and obviously the longer your movers are at your home, the more your move will cost. Understanding the factors that affect time is how you will be able to make informed decisions to help plan the budget for your move.

  1. Home/Apartment Size – the bigger the home, the longer the move will take
  2. Stairs – Each flight of stairs can add anywhere from 30mins-1hr of additional time to your move
  3. Number of Movers – The more movers, the faster your move will progress. However, each additional mover also increases the hourly rate. Generally, 3 movers can handle most moves
  4. Distance to New Address – Every Virginia Beach moving company will most likely include the time between the load and unload location in the hourly rate. More distance equals more money.
  5. Specialty Pieces – Often times people will not take into account oversized, fragile, or heavy pieces into the time for their move. Items such as upright pianos and gun safes usually can require 15-30 additional minutes to move safely.
  6. How Furnished/Cluttered Your Home Is – More furniture and more boxes leads to a more expensive move. Additionally, unboxed misc. items can add significant time to your move as well

General Time/Price Estimates for Virginia Beach Moving Companies (3-mover team)*

  • 1 bedroom apartment at 2-3 hours; Price = $240-$360
  • 2 bedroom apartment/home at 3-5 hours; Price = $450-$750
  • 3 bedroom apartment/home at 6-8 hours; Price = $900-$1200
  • 4 bedroom apartment/home at 8-10 hours; Price = $1200-$1500

*Please note that these are general, not exact estimates for a typical Virginia Beach moving company. All homes vary in size and items. With more bedrooms, this generally means more “stuff” in your home as well which in turn leads to more time.

Additional Virginia Beach Moving Services

For every move, there are more services that need to be performed to fully execute a successful move. Often times, these services can be handled by the client themselves in order to save money on their end.Understanding the moving services that the Virginia Beach moving companies offer is the first step to determining what services you would like to handle yourself.

Truck – U-haul, Budget, and Penske are the biggest truck rental companies in Virginia Beach. However, often times families will choose to allow their selected Virginia Beach moving company to bring their own truck as they may already have too much on their plate. Although this may be slightly more expensive, you are able to save significant time and headache when it comes to renting and driving a truck yourself.

Assembly/DisassemblyTables and beds are usually the two furniture items that need to be disassembled and reassembled for a move. However, this service can sometimes take a bit of time to achieve. This is one area where most Virginia Beach moving companies would recommend the client does this him or herself in order to stay within budget.

Packing – Packing services are generally offered by most Virginia Beach moving companies. However, packing is usually handled by the client. Depending on your time and budget, it is worthwhile to consider using a professional packing company to prepare your home for the move.  Packing rates are usually less expensive than moving rates, and proper packing can actually help decrease the time of your move

Storage – Virginia Beach moving and storage services are not offered by all companies. However, this can often be a deciding factor in choosing the correct Virginia Beach moving company. Sometimes, closings get delayed or you might need short term storage services during a transitional period. Choosing a moving company that offers both moving and storage can save you the hassle of signing a lease with a storage facility and often can save you money of storage services as well.

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