Every move has its own stages — or at least, it should if it’s going to be a thorough and efficient move. Learn how the process works with Scott’s Oceana Moving, and contact us for the best in Virginia Beach moving services!

Receiving an Estimate/Quote

The first step to planning out and executing a quality move is to know the budget you are working with and having a good understanding of how far that budget can get you. When it comes to moving there are a variety of ways to cut costs if you are willing to take control over parts of your move. When choosing the right mover for you make sure you get an estimate for the cost and time of your move. There is a multitude of moving companies in Virginia Beach alone with just as many pricing packages. Being able to communicate your needs and in turn receiving a realistic quote for your move is critical to planning out a smooth move.


This is often one of the most overlooked steps in term of realizing how much time and potentially money preparing your home can take. Packing is often a service that many moving companies in Virginia Beach offer. However, this is also an aspect of your move that many families choose to take control of themselves in order to save on costs. There still is much that goes into properly packing a home. So if you do decide to go the route of packing yourself, make sure you utilize whichever Virginia Beach moving company you choose as a resource for information on correct packing technique.


Prepping goes hand in hand with packing. However, prepping specifically refers to special items pieces that may require additional special packaging and preparation such as mirrors, glass items, or other large/fragile specialty items. It is recommended to leave special prepping needs to your moving professional because they will be more familiar with the necessary precautions that will need to be taken in order to safely prep a piece.


Loading up your belongings is another important step in executing a quality move. This is the one step that it is highly recommended to leaving to your moving professional. Proper loading technique is key in preventing any potential damages in transit. Make sure the Virginia Beach moving company you choose comes equipped with all the necessary tools to load safely and efficiently. Saran Wrap and moving blankets are the two best resources you can use in protecting furniture properly on the truck. Beyond that rope, straps, and dollies can help facilitate a proper load.


Often times many damages occur while the truck is actively relocating to its new destination. This may not be as big as of concerns when it comes to local moves. However, if you’re choosing between long distance moving companies in Virginia Beach, be sure to check their track record when it comes to damages and arrival windows. The longer it takes for a moving company to reach their final destination, the more it will end up costing you. Driving is often a leading contributor to the price of the move whether it be because of time or damages.


We are almost there! The house has been packed, prepped, and loaded. Your driver has finally arrived with your whole life hauled behind him. Now, is the fun part of furnishing the new home. While the furniture your moving company loaded in Virginia Beach is still heavy, often times you as a client may be able to assist in the unloading with smaller boxes and items. This can help speed up your unload and in turn reduce the costs for your total move.


Don’t forget about unpacking! The job isn’t finished until all items are placed back on their original dresser or table. Unpacking doesn’t take nearly as long as packing. However, it is not uncommon to find boxes stacked in the garage for months after a move. Go ahead and finish your move with the unpack so you can be as comfortable in your new home as you were in your old one. This is a portion of the move that we recommend taking control of yourself. Unpacking is fairly straightforward, and there is a low risk of damage so unpacking yourself is encouraged.

The stages of moving are busy and sometimes arduous, but with Scott’s Oceana Moving, they don’t have to be. Contact us for a free quote!