Congratulations! You have just bought your very first home and you are ready to begin this new and exciting chapter of your life. While you are almost at the finish line, you do realize that there is one big task standing between you and your bright future: moving. Considering there are many different aspects of moving, chances are you might forget something unless you are adequately prepared. In this post, we are going to address some of the most common things people forget during the moving process so that you can ensure that you are more than prepared for this exciting next step. Don’t forget, Scott’s is always here to help you with packing and moving services.

Remove Heavy & Fragile Items From Your Dressers

Many people hold off doing some of the most important aspects of their move until the very last minute. Even worse than that is thinking you have finished packing only to discover that you have forgotten something. Most commonly the last thing people remember they still have to pack up are the contents of dressers. When it is discovered that a dresser full of belongings still needs to be packed up, many people will simply shrug and decide the dresser can be moved as is. While this might seem like a good idea, we can assure you that it is not. Plain and simple, your dresser is not made to be moved around while it is full of items, especially heavy ones. Not only are you risking the structural integrity of your dresser when you move it like this, however. You are also risking breaking the items inside. Therefore, it is best if you take the time to pack up the items in the dresser before the move, even though it may be a less-than-desirable task.

Think About Parking Your Moving Truck

If you have rented a moving truck and you’re preparing to do all of the heavy lifting on your own, you might think you have everything figured out to make the day of the move a piece of cake. However, one of the most common things people forget to think about when they have rented a moving van is where they are going to park it both when they are loading it up and unpacking it. We would suggest that you reserve a parking spot if you are in an area that has a lot of street traffic. Securing these spots is absolutely essential if you want to have an efficient move.

Reserve Elevators if Needed

If you are moving into an apartment building or a high-rise condo, you’re going to need to reserve the elevator for best results. If you don’t you will likely find that your move will take at least twice as long as you work to move things while people are getting on and off the lift all day. Talking to your building’s management to find out if this is an option for you.

Label Boxes by Room

The last thing we would suggest that you do before you move is to label each box clearly by which room it will need to go to once you arrive at your new abode. Not only will this be incredibly helpful to you when you are trying to locate your kitchen towels, but it will also make the entire move go much more smoothly.

Need to Hire a Local Moving Company?

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