Like Sasquatch and the Loch Ness monster, there are a number of myths out there that have people speculating between fact and fiction (except for you, Nessie; we know you’re real). Myths are the stuff that make life more interesting, but sometimes, it’s important to sift through the urban legends and find the truth. Even in the world of moving, there are far too many myths that exist when hiring a moving company.

Scott’s Oceana Moving is not only a Top Rated Local® moving company in the Virginia Beach area, we also have depths of wisdom and knowledge when it comes to debunking myths. Find out some of the common moving company myths, and contact Scott’s Oceana Moving for a free quote on your next move!

Myth: Moving companies are too pricey

This is perhaps one of the greatest reasons why people avoid working with a moving company. They think that the price is going to be way too high, for a process that could otherwise be free (though that’s another myth we’ll get to in a minute). But at Scott’s Oceana Moving, we offer highly reasonable prices, especially when considering all the moving services you can choose from. You could have someone help you with furniture assembly and disassembly, you could hire someone to help with packing, or you could just have us help with loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings.

At the very least, you could contact Scott’s Oceana Moving to get a free quote on what hiring movers could do for you. Not to toot our own horn, but there’s a reason people have chosen us—and even for more than one move. As Lamar S. stated, “The cost was way better than the other moving companies in the area.” Thanks Lamar!

Myth: It’s cheaper and easier to move on your own

People frequently assume performing labor for free is going to save them money, when compared to paying someone else. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For starters, any number of circumstances might make it more expensive to try on your own—and in some cases, even more dangerous. If you’ve experienced a recent injury or illness, or been advised not to lift heavy items by a doctor, you could end up having to pay for medical visits that could be astronomically higher than if you’d just called our moving company.

Not to mention, you might have belongings that simply can’t be tackled on their own. That 19th century armoire looks amazing, but less so when you realize it simply won’t budge. With the exception of chopping it apart with an axe, your solution of moving it resides with the professionals.

Even more than objects and the moving capabilities that you may or may not have, we refer back to the age old adage: time is money. If you’re super busy and/or your move will be rather time-intensive, moving everything on your own very well might not be cheaper. Taking a day off work, missing that day where you could make your biggest sale of the season, and heck, just the physical exhaustion are all definitely reasons why moving on your own is not always cheaper (and rarely easier).

Myth: Your stuff might get broken when handled by strangers

If anything, moving without the help of professionals might be a surefire way to experience some gasps, followed by some sharp clashes and bangs and the sound of broken things. It’s true, you know your stuff. But the right moving company has years of experience in moving your stuff, no matter how fragile or delicate.

Call us biased, but we don’t really think of ourselves as strangers. And we certainly don’t think of ourselves as anything but extremely competent and capable when it comes to moving your stuff. But you very well might need some reassurance from some of our past clients. Take a look at some of our favorite reviews!

“Amazing company! We had no issues and had the extreme pleasure to work with a group of funny hard working men. Will definitely use this company for all of my moves!” – Amy G.

“Awesome job moving me to my new place! Professional crew that took good care of my furniture!” – Rick Myers

“Our movers were competent, courteous, and fast.  They took great care of our furniture and packed the truck as good as it gets. We would highly recommend them to all our friends.” – Eric R.

Scott’s Oceana Moving is committed to dispelling some of the myths and legends about working with moving companies, but more than anything, we’re committed to making your move go as smoothly as possible. Work with our movers and packers to make moving go from stressful to stress-free. We’d be honored to work with you for your residential Virginia Beach moves, long-distance moving, and everything in between. Give us a call!