Thousands of tourists visit Virginia Beach every year, and for good reason. The sound of the crashing waves, the sand beneath your feet — you just can’t beat a beach vacation. So many people fall in love with Virginia Beach that it only makes sense for so many to move here each year.

Whether a job is taking you to the coast or you’re moving simply for the coast itself, the experts at Scott’s Oceana Moving have compiled some tips for you to make Virginia Beach your home as soon as possible. We are a Top Rated Local® moving company and would be more than honored to help you get established in your new home. Your move could be across the country or across the street, and either way our movers and packers are the perfect people to work with. Get a free quote from our moving company today!

Get settled in.

You just moved in, you likely made the incredibly intelligent decision of working with Scott’s Oceana Moving, and you’re just now feeling like you can breathe a little easier. The stressful part of packing and moving is over, so now you get to work on making this house a home. Working with our moving company provides you with a bevy of moving services, including packing/unpacking, and even furniture assembly. This makes the process of settling in an amazingly smooth one, and it’s like the old adage says: many hands make light work.

In the event you’re going to need some new furniture, you’re in luck — there are a number of stores that can accommodate your furnishing and decorating needs. Check out Atlantic Bedding and Furniture for styles that offer a seaside vibe, or visit some retail chains such as Ashley HomeStore and the Home Depot to get everything you need.

Try the local fare.

Moving to a new place can be slightly discombobulating, in a number of ways. You want to know your surroundings and your new environment, and one of the best ways to do that involves the greatest thing on the planet. Food brings us together, and gives us a sense of belonging. Once we know where to go when we’re dying for some sushi, or which spot has the best tacos in town, we start to feel more connected to a place.

There are so many incredible places to try in Virginia Beach when it comes to food. With the Atlantic Ocean at your doorsteps, you know that the seafood is going to be out of this world. For some fancier dining establishments, check out One Fish-Two Fish or Terrapin restaurant — both excellent places to celebrate your recent move. Gringo’s Taqueria is known for their divine fish tacos, and has the perfect atmosphere to make you feel right at home. Food is such a comforting thing, and no matter where you dine in Virginia Beach, you’re going to feel at home faster than ever.

See the sights.

With the Atlantic Ocean so close, you’ll gain access to so many amazing water sports and activities. The beach itself is a pretty fantastic time, but you can step up your game by getting into kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, and so much more. For the slightly more adventurous, Virginia Beach can be a great place to try surfing. In fact, the East Coast Surfing Championships take place in Virginia Beach every August, and is North America’s oldest surfing competition.

Virginia Beach is also a great place to go dolphin and whale watching, which can be so much fun for adults and kids alike. There are a number of museums that dive into the history and natural science of the area. The Cape Henry Lighthouse is an excellent spot to check out, as well as visiting First Landing Cross (where English settlers landed in 1607 — 13 years before Plymouth Rock!)

Make Your Move to Paradise Today!

There are so many amazing things to check out in Virginia Beach, and when you move here, you’ll find that it’s not difficult to make this vacation spot into something more. Our moving company will provide you with everything you need to get started on making Virginia Beach your home. Call the experts at Scott’s Oceana Moving to get the best in moving services.