Welcome back to our series on the ultimate moving timeline! In our first blog in the series, we addressed some important steps to moving before the actual day arrives. Today’s post is all about the timeline of events that happens on moving day itself. This is such a busy, packed, constantly on-the-go kind of day, that it deserves additional focus.

Take a look at the timeline of events for moving day, and work with Scott’s Oceana Moving to make your move painless and easy. Call us for a free quote today — we provide local moving services throughout throughout Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Suffolk, as well as long-distance moving services across the nation.

Before the Movers Arrive:

If you have followed our advice, you have everything already packed and ready to go for today. Ideally, the only thing left to do is load the truck or wait for the movers to arrive, but you might have a couple things left to do. For example, you might be needing to disassemble some furniture, such as a bed or a table.

One great thing about working with Scott’s Oceana Moving is our packing/unpacking and our assembly/disassembly services. This takes a huge portion of tasks and responsibilities off of your plate, giving you a moment to breathe before the frenzied storm of moving and unpacking takes place.

Take a run-through of your place, make sure everything is ready to go. Because once the movers arrive or it’s time to load up the truck, the last thing you want is trying to quickly stuff your shower curtain in between random boxes, or throwing condiment bottles into plastic bags and hoping for the best (trust us — we’ve seen it all). Avoid the scramble by being prepared.

When It’s Time to Load Everything Up:

Working with movers who are loading and unloading everything for you? Check in with them about any help or assistance they might need, and point out to them any fragile items that need additional care (if said items are in boxes, it helps to label the box clearly as such). Once you’ve greeted and communicated with the movers, you can start to take care of some cleaning.

This is an amazing time to contact some amazing people in your life who can help you out. If your residential moving process is relatively a smaller one (such as moving from an apartment), you can likely cover the necessary cleaning on your own. Even in a house, if you were able to get some of the cleaning done beforehand, you could very well be set without some extra sets of hands. However, having the squad come over to help you tackle some essential cleaning will make it go by so much faster. And as always, make sure there’s some appreciative pizza on the way to properly thank your helpers.

Leaving and Arriving:

Do one last walk through (and feel free to take some commemorative pictures!) before locking up for the last time. It’s more than OK to pause and reflect before you leave; after all, this place was yours for a period of time, and saw the good, the bad, and everything in between. Turn in keys as needed, close this chapter of your life, and hit the road!

When you get to the new place, get everything unloaded, and just breathe for a second. Thank the movers, and then take a moment to take everything all in. We’re including this step because sometimes we just jump right in, rather than take some time to sit and think of a game plan. Envisioning and planning the next moves will be so beneficial to you and your new home.

Think about the amount of time you have in the remainder of your day. If you got into your new place later in the day, prioritize what you need before you crash for the evening. It might be worth setting up any fridge stuff and your bed, and maybe that’s it for the day — that’s fine! The important thing is to recognize what you can reasonably accomplish with the remaining amount of time in the day, and plan accordingly.

In Part II of the moving timeline, we have made it to the big day! Our third and final installment for moving will cover the steps that take place after you’ve gotten into your new place. Moving is a time-consuming, detail-oriented, and overall challenging process, but if there’s one thing it doesn’t have to, it’s stressful. Work with the movers and packers of Scott’s Oceana Moving, and get a quote today to make future moves easier than ever. Again, our movers work locally here in our hometown of Virginia Beach, and we provide long-distance moving services across the nation. Feel free to check out our final installment in the series, where we’ll offer up tips to help you get settled once you’ve arrived at your new home!