Scott’s Oceana Moving is growing, and we are looking to expand our team! We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Part-Time Positions

Estimated 20-25 hours per week

Crew Member: We’re seeking individuals with a basic understanding of moving, and the ability to lift all furniture and move boxes for prolonged periods of time.

Starting Wage: $10-$11

Advanced Crew Member: More advanced crew members have an understanding of the moving industry, the ability to assist crew leader in duties, and offer veteran expertise on tougher pieces. Advanced crew members also have the ability to lift all furniture and move boxes for prolonged periods of time.

Starting Wage: $12-$13

Crew Leader: Crew leaders are moving experts, able to handle all challenges that may arise on job site. Leaders can effectively lead and delegate tasks efficiently, they can safely load truck in a timely fashion, and they have ability to lift all furniture and move boxes for prolonged periods of time.

Starting Wage: $14-$15

Growth Opportunities

Once an individual has show complete mastery of the field, he/she is eligible for our management growth program, in which you will be selected into the category that best fits your skill set based on company needs.

Sales: This role will assist the Marketing Coordinator with the execution of our marketing plan. Sales assistants must have the ability to be proactive and operate within the sales program individually, providing service for a minimum number of clients per month, as well as answering and converting sales over the phone.

Compensation – Hourly with commission incentives

Operations: This role will assist the Operations Manager with all aspects related to the field, including managing inventory and prepping trucks, executing accurate estimates, as well as answering and converting sales on phone lines.

Compensation – Guaranteed set hours, hourly wage

Benefits and Perks

Benefits: Employees are enrolled in supplemental health insurance after two months.

Tips: All crew members at job site are allowed to receive tips upon completion of the move. These tips are split evenly between all members who executed jobs. Tips typically range from $10-$20/per crew member. Clients generally tip at every other job.

Eligible for Raise: Eligibility for raises are based off time spent with company, once you have completed a minimum number of months/years for raise as well as mastery of next level skill set, you will be rewarded with an increase in pay. First eligibility for raise occurs after two months with the company.

Core Values: Reliable, Hardworking, Toughness, Integrity, Quality Service, Proactive, Coachable


  • Drivers license
  • Car
  • The ability to lift up to 200 pounds

Apply Today

If you’re ready to begin your career in the moving industry, or if you’re looking to extend your experience with the Scott’s team, please give us a call to learn about our current applications process. We look forward to hearing from you!