1. Average Moving Costs

    The vast majority of moves that take place in Virginia Beach are local. When you are starting to budget and plan out your move, it is best to understand all the factors that affect the cost of your move. Most Virginia Beach moving companies operate at an hourly rate for local moves with legitimate companies charging anywhere from $35-$45 per hour per mover. However, labor costs are not the only fa…Read More

  2. The Different Stages of a Quality Move

    Every move has its own stages — or at least, it should if it's going to be a thorough and efficient move. Learn how the process works with Scott's Oceana Moving, and contact us for the best in Virginia Beach moving services! Receiving an Estimate/Quote The first step to planning out and executing a quality move is to know the budget you are working with and having a good understanding of how far…Read More

  3. 4 Questions to Ask Your Movers

    Choosing the right moving company can be difficult. After all, you want moving services that offer unparalleled attention to detail and care. You want moving services that aren't going to break the bank. You want moving services that you can trust. Scott's Oceana Moving of Virginia Beach is the ideal, local company for you to consider, but we recognize that you want to shop around. These are some …Read More

  4. A Few More Tough Moving Situations (And How to Avoid Them)

    Welcome back to our blog series on tough moves! In our first blog, we addressed some of the catastrophic cleanups, the unpreparedness of your new living space, and some other situations that make a tough situation even tougher. In an ideal world, everything fits perfectly into boxes, nothing is ever too heavy, and cleaning up looks like something out of a Disney movie. Yet we know that this is ess…Read More

  5. The Ultimate Timeline to Moving, Part III: After Moving In

    Welcome back to our blog series on breaking down the moving timeline of events! In Part I of our series, we covered the essential tasks to complete before moving day arrives, as well as when to complete them. Part II provided an in-depth look at all the things that need to happen on moving day and the subsequent timing of it all. In our third and final installment of the ultimate moving timeline, …Read More

  6. 5 Tips for Your Summer Move

    It’s in your best interest to stay away from dark, heavy clothing during a summer move. Instead, choose clothes that are lightweight and comfortable. If items like paints, detergents, or pesticides need to be moved, pack them in a smaller box inside a larger box to reduce the chance of leaks. Since the summer weekends get booked very quickly, try to move on the least busy days of the week, usual…Read More