1. The Best Moving Hacks: Long Distance Edition (Part 2)

    If you’re only half looking forward to a long-distance move, we understand why. While there’s the possibility of starting a whole new life, meeting all new people, and finding all new spots around town to hang out, there’s also the daunting prospect of picking up an entire life you’ve built and lugging across states, rivers and forests to get to this new place where you get to start this n…Read More

  2. The Best Moving Hacks: Long-Distance Edition

    Long distance moving is possibly one of the most daunting 21st-century tasks. While it’s certainly not equivalent to leaving Germany with a chest full of heirlooms and a tenacious spirit, it’s equally full of the unknown. Maybe you’re moving for your new job, maybe you’re relocating to be closer to elderly family, whatever the reason, it has to be done. So how do you get from point A (a ho…Read More

  3. The Best Moving Hacks

    If moving companies are around for any reason other making your move less stressful, it’s for telling you the best moving hacks that they can’t execute for you. We can use our expertise to the fullest, but if you arrive at your new place and there’s “debris” on the toilet seat because you didn’t realize you’d have to clean that first before moving in, there’s not much we can do. Th…Read More

  4. Moving Without Bugs

    Since Virginia is firmly rooted in the South, there are plenty of critters that make their way into our homes and linger. Unfortunately, that often means you’ll have to invest in regular exterminators and a whole slew of bug sprays when you live in certain areas. But the lovely South can never be replaced so we endure it until we’re planning to move to a new area. Pests are the kind of thing t…Read More

  5. Moving Tips to Avoid Injuries – Part 2

    If you’re getting ready for a move, it’s important to stay safe. So many bad things can happen that might seem totally unexpected, but with the proper preparation could be easily avoided. To keep you safe throughout your next move, we believe it’s important to arm you with a whole slew of tips and tricks on how to navigate each house and make sure that there are no obvious safety hazards tha…Read More

  6. Moving Tips to Avoid Injuries

    As Chesapeake's Top Rated Local® moving company, Scott’s Oceana Moving understands that people aren’t always able to afford our packing and assembly services. Which means you’ll have to tug quite a bit of your own items including furniture as well as knick-knacks onto the ground floor so that they can be transported into the moving truck. When it comes to moving, there’s always the chance…Read More

  7. Winter Moving Ideas – Part 2

    Winter may be the worst season. It’s fun for about a minute, when everyone is wearing hipster sweaters and drinking hot chocolate. Then suddenly, Thanksgiving is over, and you only have one more feast and giant gift exchange before winter really sets in. It’ll be full of bad weather, slowly deteriorating leggings and seasonal depression. But if you’re planning on moving, now is probably the …Read More

  8. Winter Moving Tips

    Although winters are wonderfully mild down here in Virginia, they can still offer some less than preferable weather for your move. What’s worse, if you’re planning on a long-distance move during the months of November to February, you might have to face snow and other, less pleasant weather wherever you’re going. Winter can be a great time to move if you’re not afraid of the weather, as it…Read More

  9. Reliable Moves, Rain or Shine!

    Last week Hampton Roads was once again caught in a snow storm but these adverse condition did not stop Scott’s Oceana Moving from working diligently. Movers Robert, Kris, and Jordan worked and completed two moves safely and very efficiently with the thanks of two families as the snow storm came in. Scott’s Oceana Moving takes prides in completely every move — short- or long-distance — and …Read More