1. 4 More Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

    Welcome back to our blog series on questions to ask your movers (and feel free to check out our previous blog)! It's important that you get the best deal possible, but it's even more important that you choose a moving company of the highest caliber. Scott's Oceana Moving of Virginia Beach can answer any and every one of these questions — feel free to use them when you contact us for a free estim…Read More

  2. Finding the Best Long-Distance Moving Company Part 1

    It's wise to shop around for the best products that you purchase, so why not search for the best services? If you're looking for moving services, then there are a number of criteria that you should keep in mind to choose the best company for the job. Here's what you should look for in a long-distance mover. Go Local When looking for the best long-distance movers, it is best to try to find a reputa…Read More

  3. Reasons to Hire a Professional Packing Service for Your Next Move: Part 2

    If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you already know some of the reasons why it’s worth it to hire a professional packing service, including stress-relief, helping you let go and find closure, and increased free time. As it turns out, there are many other reasons to hire a professional packing service for your next move. Our professional packers at Scott’s Oceana Moving company in Virgi…Read More

  4. Reasons To Hire A Professional Packing Service For Your Next Move: Part 1

    One of the things people dread most about moving is having to pack up all their possessions in an efficient and organized manner so they are ready to go when the truck pulls up to their house on moving day. That’s part of the reason why Scott’s Oceana Moving experts offer professional packing, assembly, and disassembly services in addition to our residential and commercial moving services. As …Read More

  5. Hire Our Movers to Help With Your Spring Cleaning

    The birds and the bees are a buzz, the trees are budding; you know what that means? It's time for spring cleaning! This year take this burden and turn it into the pleasure it was meant to be by hiring Scott's Oceana Movers of Virginia Beach for some extra help. Let them do the heavy lifting so you can spend more time relaxing in your newly cleared space with the refreshing, warm weather. Here are …Read More

  6. Our Monday Move!

    It's Monday and we at Scott’s Oceana Moving would just like to say good day and tell you about a quick job we had this weekend! Our clients had originally scheduled a moving job for Friday evening but because of set backs on the front end of the move, they had to reschedule to Saturday morning and we at Scott’s Oceana Moving were able adapt to their situation. The job require us to unload a 24…Read More