If you’re only half looking forward to a long-distance move, we understand why. While there’s the possibility of starting a whole new life, meeting all new people, and finding all new spots around town to hang out, there’s also the daunting prospect of picking up an entire life you’ve built and lugging across states, rivers and forests to get to this new place where you get to start this new life. Much to our chagrin —and yours too, we’re sure — nothing worth it is easy. So how do you get started on this behemoth of a task? By filling in holes in the wall where your paintings used to be? Hunting grocery stores and liquor stores for boxes?

In short, yes. But there are a couple of tips that you should know about to make the process as smooth as possible, past what your moving company can do for you. If you caught out previous blog, The Best Moving Hacks: Long Distance Edition, we’ve been covering the weird, not thought of issues that arise when moving and how to account for those with even more creative solutions. If you’re already onto the packing phase, we’re here to lend a hand.

Packing Like a Pro

Before you head to FedEx to buy packing peanuts, head to 7-11 instead. Buy all of today’s papers that are about to be thrown away anyway and use those for packing fragile items instead of environmentally crippling packing peanuts. You’ll save money and put a halt to the ever-growing North Pacific Trash Vortex’s growth (this is a real thing, look it up). For another, vaguely less green solution to packing, don’t bother folding up all those clothes and loading them into 6 separate boxes. Leave them hanging, and pull a trash bag up and over several articles, cinch and tie the bag at the neck of the hanger and lay those into the boxes. If you get all of the air out, you’ll be able to fit more clothes in one box and unpacking them will be loads easier. If you’re short on boxes look to your laundry basket, your trash bins (after they’ve had a wipe down) and your suitcases. There’s no reason those empty caverns should be shuffled onto your moving truck without your collection of snow babies safely piled inside. After all, an empty box is an empty box.

Keep It Simplistic

Conserving box space is actually easier than you think. Start by stowing stemware and glasses inside spare socks. That means more room in the underwear box for more garments and other intimates. Using other linens and dish towels to protect your dishes is a great way of avoiding an unnecessarily large amount of boxes used in your move. The volume will be the same, but no space will be sacrificed for the sake of keeping certain articles and items confined to one box. In that same vein, use colored moving tape to mark where a couple of different boxes go. Once you arrive, this will eliminate the prospect of opening mysterious boxes in hopes of finding the dogs toys so he’ll stop barking. Mark the bedroom items with pink tape, the kitchen items with green, the living room with behind your move and navigate them for you.

Contact Us for Your Long-Distance Move

Ready for your long-distance move yet? Maybe not, but the last step will always be hiring an experienced moving company to make your Chesapeake move smooth and uneventful. Let us sketch out the details and complications behind your move and navigate them for you. Schedule your long-distance move with Scott’s Oceana Moving today.