If moving companies are around for any reason other making your move less stressful, it’s for telling you the best moving hacks that they can’t execute for you. We can use our expertise to the fullest, but if you arrive at your new place and there’s “debris” on the toilet seat because you didn’t realize you’d have to clean that first before moving in, there’s not much we can do. Thus, we’ve devised a list of the best moving tips we can think of, based off of our vast experience with other folk’s mistakes, so you don’t have to suffer in the future.

When you’re ready to invest in stress-free moving, contact Scott’s Oceana Moving. As the premier movers here in Chesapeake, we can help you with local moves all over Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas, but we can also assist with long distance moving and commercial moving projects as well. Before scheduling your appointment with us, make sure you follow our easy hacks to make your move seamless and calm.

Preparation Is Key

As we cautioned in the previous paragraph, if you have the keys to your new place, bring the first of your possessions over in your bathroom caddy. This is convenient in a few ways: you can place the bathroom cleaning supplies in a bucket, including the plunger, and not worry about having to pack it separately or having it tip over and spill some strange contents all over the rest of your items during the move. Once you arrive at your new place, we recommend cleaning the toilet at the very least. We all like to assume that the complex or the previous occupants of the home cleaned this particular receptacle, but that is a touch naive. Assuming that people will clean up after themselves often sets you up for a nasty surprise. Avoid all nasty surprises surrounding your new toilet as humanly possible by cleaning the porcelain throne first and foremost.

Think Ahead

While getting your utilities turned on is a smart move, you might also want to start a donate box back at your old place. Even consider setting up a couple of donation boxes. You’re getting a rare opportunity to go through all of your items and dispose of all the crap you’ve managed to accumulate while living at your old place. Be proactive and say goodbye to the stuff you no longer need so you end up shipping less of your stuff over to the new place. The more donating you do, the less initial packing up and the less unpacking you’ll have to do. Great places like The Salvation Army put quality items in reach for the less fortunate who can’t afford things brand new while also donating a large portion of their proceeds to a great cause, so you really can rationalize that your junk is going to be a better place when you donate it there.

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Catch us next time to improve your arsenal of moving tips before you have to start packing up your place.