As a customer-focused moving company, we strive to be as helpful and friendly as possible to all of our friends and neighbors throughout Virginia Beach. In order to help facilitate a successful move of your home or office, we’ve compiled a list of helpful moving tricks and tips. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your move, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team at your convenience.

Residential Moving Tips and Tricks

  • Declutter before moving by throwing out or donating unused and unneeded items. No need to pay for them to be moved if you’re never going to use them.
  • Pack a see-thru bin with important documents, personal grooming items, fresh change of clothes and even the coffee maker to ensure a smooth transition after the first day in the new place.
  • Create a schedule – Stay on task by lining out just what needs to be done on what day.
  • Take pictures of electronic cord layouts so that setup is a breeze.
  • Keep clothes on hangers and bag them with large trash bags to make moving apparel items quick and easy, while keeping them clean.
  • Use clothing items such as socks and scarfs to provide extra cushion between glass items and save boxes.
  • Leave items and drawers and plastic wrap the entire dresser. You’ll save boxes, time and effort as everything will stay in its place.
  • Use color-coded labels to quickly and easily distinguish which boxes go in which rooms.
  • Pack all liquid cleaning solvents in a plastic bin. This way if they fall during shipping, no biggie.

Commercial Moving Tips and Tricks

  • Begin your search for a moving company at least six months prior to the projected move date. Larger corporations should plan for at least a year out, scheduling your move in plenty of time for the logistics to be put into place.
  • Check the moving company’s credentials, such as license and insurance as well as BBB rankings and online reviews.
  • Arrange special moving hours, if needed by the office building to which your are relocating.
  • Provide a list of stairs, docks, elevators and other building elements that may hinder easy access to the moving company so that they can put an effective plan into place.
  • Appoint a move manager to coordinate and handle all details regarding the moving of furniture and office equipment.
  • Check in with your contact at the moving company one week before the scheduled moving date to ensure that the move is still on track.
  • Enlist the help of the head of each department to be in charge of the inventory in their care.
  • Make sure that the IT team has a plan for breakdown and setup in order to avoid any hiccups in computer and internet services.

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