Get Storage Help From Our Moving Company

Moving is never fun (unless you work with Scott’s Oceana Moving, of course). But it’s even less fun when you experience changes to the move-in date, or have stuff that doesn’t yet have a place to go.

Scott’s Oceana Moving offers temporary storage assistance that can relieve some of the stress that comes from moving. We’ll store your belongings as needed, and when you’re ready to get fully settled in, our team will drop everything off. See some instances when our storage services might come in handy, and contact Scott’s Oceana Moving for a free quote!

Different Move-in Dates

Ideally, we can move into our new homes or businesses at a time that works for us. This unfortunately isn’t always the case. If you close on your house before your next home is ready to move into, you can be left with tons of stuff with no place to go.

Instead of packing everything into your car for the next week or so, or having to move furniture to a friend’s or the in-laws’ before moving it again to your new place, you can just call us to store it for you. We’ll drop it back off at your new place when you’re ready, saving you quite the hassle.

Not Ready to Fully Move In

Oftentimes, people move into a new home because of a new job. If you’ve got to report to your new job right away and don’t have time to unpack, it can be a hassle to have all these boxes lying around with no place to go. Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of clutter isn’t a great way to start your (brand new) work week.

You might have a trip planned right after your move-in date, you might be recovering from an illness or injury, but no matter what, if you’re not fully ready to move in, it’s a great time to call Scott’s Oceana Moving. In addition to our moving, packing and unpacking, long distance, and furniture assembly/disassembly services, our storage services are just another way to make your next move as pain-free as possible.

You Need A Temporary Storage Solution

No matter what the situation, if you are in need of temporary storage solutions, we’ve got you covered! You don’t need a reason to get help on your next move. Simply wanting to save yourself the stress and hassle of dealing with all of your belongings at once is a perfectly good reason to utilize our storage services.

Keeping Your Stuff Safe

Our storage facilities are indoor and climate controlled to make sure that your stuff will be taken care of so you don’t have to worry about it with everything else you have going on during your move.

Choose Scott’s Oceana Moving For Your Next Move

Scott’s Oceana Moving is here to make your next move your best one yet. With our storage options, you don’t have to worry about dealing with your heavy furniture or belongings before you’re ready. We give you the time and peace of mind you need. By giving us a call, you can get a fair, honest, and free estimate on what our storage services will cost you. Give us a call to get started, and thank you, as always, for choosing Scott’s!