There are shows devoted to the idea of decluttering. People use phrases like “I’m going to Marie Kondo my apartment this weekend.” In 2019, getting rid of “stuff” has become the latest trend. It can be hard to let go of some of the things that we feel attached to, but especially when you have an upcoming move, it’s important to do.

Scott’s Oceana Moving has all the tips you need to help you say goodbye to that grand book collection of yours, and “see ya” to your shell collection. Take a look, and choose our Virginia Beach moving company for local and long-distance moves!

Do the “Year” Test

One of the first steps to figuring out what you can absolutely get rid of is by doing the “year” test. When considering whether an item is going to your next place or can go to Goodwill, ask yourself if you’ve used it in the past year. This goes for books, clothes, DVDs, art supplies, and even furniture. If you’ve had something sitting around and unused for the past year, you’re likely not going to use it in your next place. This just means another thing that you’re lugging around and packing up that won’t even be used.

Granted, there are certain keepsakes that we don’t rely on every year — wedding videos, photo albums, etc. — that are still understandably important. But you’ll know what’s timeless and when it’s time to move on.

Ask Yourself “Why”

Why do you want to keep this item or piece of furniture? Does it have functionality, or are you just reluctant to let it go? We tend to grow attached to certain inanimate objects, even if they’re not serving us a purpose or if it doesn’t make sense. To be more specific, you might love an armchair that’s gone with you from place to place, but now it has gotten to the point of being unusable. Taking it with just because you don’t want to let go probably doesn’t make the most sense. Not taking it with you will free up a lot of space, both in your move and in your new home.

Prioritize Your Belongings

Ninety-nine percent of the time, we get rid of something and don’t think twice about it, forgetting that we even had it in the first place. That other one percent of the time, we say things like “if only I had held onto _____,” wistfully looking off into the distance.

Our moving company believes that, while you should be ready to get rid of some stuff, it’s OK to hold onto things that mean a lot to you. Those VCR tapes might be of value later on! Your child might love using your bookshelf that once was in your childhood bedroom! Prioritizing your belongings means asking yourself, “what are my top ____ items that need to go with me to my new place?” If something doesn’t make the cut, it’s time to let it go.

Think About Who It Helps

Getting rid of stuff doesn’t only feel good and help you, it helps others, too. Many of us have shopped through an ARC or thrift store looking for furniture that we could afford, feeling elated upon finding a table and matching chair that so perfectly fits in both our apartment and our budget. Having inexpensive furniture can give many people the start they need to truly get settled in — after all, moving is expensive!

If you’re reluctant to get rid of some clothes or furniture, keep in mind that donating it can make a huge difference for someone else. Plus, a lot of thrift stores and donation centers offer receipts, so you can claim it on your taxes the following year.

Hire a Moving Company

Of course, if you’ve gone through all these steps and still have a ton of stuff that you’re certain won’t fit in your Camry, there’s an excellent solution: Work with Scott’s Oceana Moving! Our Virginia Beach moving company is well-equipped to help you with all of your stuff, no matter how much you’re bringing to your next home. From packing and unpacking to furniture assembly/disassembly, we can do it all. Call our moving company today for a free quote!